Miplant is a most versatile planter and it can be used in so many different ways!

↠ It's an ideal desk or tabletop planter as it is sealed at the bottom, it can not fall over or spill.

↠ It's an ideal instant and complete gift, as it is ready to put on a table, desk, or any wall.

↠ Miplant is a living bouquet, on the wall it is a living piece of art.

↠ Miplant with herbs is a living kitchen garden.

It is easy to look after, just hold under the tap to fill the miplant and after 30 seconds drain the excess water by holding it upside done over the sink.

A number of leading gardening writers found that miplant was the most innovative new product at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show.

We hope you love MiPlant as much as we do ✼