How do I water MiPlant?

Watering your MiPlant is easy! Simply hold MiPlant under a tap of cold water until the container is full. Leave for 1 minute to allow water to be absorbed. Then tip your MiPlant upside down to drain any excess water. Watering is required when your MiPlant pad begins to dry. Over watering or under watering will affect the life of your plant.

How long will MiPlant live?

Give your MiPlant lots of love and care, along with regular watering, maintenance and filtered light, and it could live for several years.

Will MiPlant grow?

Yes, your MiPlant will grow over time. Maintain your MiPlant with regular trimming if you prefer smaller plants. Or continue to feed and water MiPlant if you'd like them a little bigger.

What is MiPlant planted in?

MiPlant is planted in specially made solid peat pads. The plant roots are anchored in the peat pads allowing your MiPlant to hang or move around without spillage or mess. 

How do I feed MiPlant?

Your MiPlant comes with a slow release feed, which will last for around 3 months. After this period we recommend that you use a liquid fertilizer once a month to give your MiPlant a long and happy life.

How do I hang MiPlant on a wall?

Your MiPlant planter comes with 12 holes positioned in the back like a picture frame. These allow for hanging on walls, just as you would hang a frame. It's that simple!

 If you have any further questions please contact us - leanne@majesticselections.com.au ✼